School-age Kids

Summer Camp Activities

We are happy to present our Summer Camp Guide. We have exciting activities for the children to explore this summer. There are more field trips, Educational activities this summer as well as some new activities such as basketball, baseball, cricket, badminton, trampoline, camping and many more!

  • Young Scientists: We will be doing entertaining science experiments, sure to show your child the massive world of science. Scientific concepts are really going to stick as your child learns the basic principles of science and watches them come alive right before their eyes.
  • Dinosaurs: Time to travel to explore the past! You child will visit the most famous dinosaurs, such as the T-Rex, Triceratops and more. We’ll create a fossil dig, which the children will dig up to find their own dinosaur bones! The children will see that the age of the dinosaurs was a very, very long time ago, and will have fun seeing what time period each type of dinosaur lived. At the end of this unit, we’ll watch the movie Jurassic Park to exemplify our dinosaur knowledge.
  • Bugs: We’ll learn about the biggest group of invertebrates, the bugs! We’ll explore the world of bugs to see what makes each bug so special. A live butterfly will be grown before your child’s eyes! We will go to Morton Arboretum to further explore the world of bugs in a forest preserve.
  • Legos: Time to explore the deep world of the most famous building blocks, Legos! The children will have great fun playing with Legos to make everything and anything they want! We may also go to LEGOLAND.
  • Animals: The campers will explore the gigantic world of animals, complete with a trip to the zoo, and a live hamster and birds. They’ll learn about the animals we see every day, such as rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, squirrels and many more. We will go to Lincoln Park Zoo to further explore the diversity of animals.
  • Gardening: We’ll plant a fruit and vegetable garden, simultaneously learning about the importance of them. We’ll plant seeds and learn about their germination process.We may also go to Chicago Botanical Garden.
  • Outdoor Camping: We’ll set up a real camping atmosphere, and have the children explore the world of camping. We’ll cook outdoors, set up a tent, flashlights and we’ll tell scary stories.
  • Dancing and Acting: This is for kids who like to turn up the music, wiggle, and giggle. We’ll be doing dynamic aerobics and obstacle courses that will be challenging for kids. We’ll act like famous actors, or ones that the children would like to act, such as Harry Potter, Spiderman, Cinderella, Batman, and many more. The kids will wear different clothes to depict their favorite actors.
  • Cooking: We’ll cook the vegetables we find in our garden, and make a fruit salad out of the fruits. The children will make a unique type of art, with fruits and vegetables. We’ll bake cookies, a cake, some muffins, donuts, and much more.
  • Math and Reading: The kids will do math and reading depending on their age group and what they know. Unlike others, we’ll make it as interesting as possible by doing math and reading activities.
  • Sports: Young campers will learn the basic introduction to basketball including throwing, catching, and dribbling. They will also learn basic badminton skills. Badminton requires movement of their bodies, arms and legs while honing their hand-eye coordination. We’ll also teach the kids how to play baseball, including how to bat, catch with a mitt, and throw. In our soccer unit, we’ll teach how to kick the ball, how to be a goalie, how to score, and much more. Optional paid basketball and soccer classes are offered so your child can learn basketball or soccer at a higher level.
  • Field Trips: We will have many field trips corresponding to our units. We will go to local parks and libraries and watch fish and ducks. We will go to Bolingbrook Aquarium Adventure, Color Me Mine, Morton Arboretum and Lincoln Park Zoo. We may also go to LEGOLAND or Chicago Botanical Garden.
  • Summer Party: At our party, we’ll have nail art, face painting, tug-o-war, a water balloon fight, hair braiding, and many more activities.
  • Outdoor Water Activities: We’ll have water gun fights, sprinklers to dodge, slippery slide, and we’ll measure water using different pitchers.
  • Solar System: In this activity, children will spend fun-filled time learning about space as they explore different worlds in our solar system and their imaginations will be excited by life beyond Earth.
  • Under the Sea: We’ll learn about all the animals under the sea and we’ll learn about ships and submarines. We will go to Bolingbrook Aquarium Adventure to further explore this unit.
  • Art and Painting: All the campers will improve their artistic abilities, self-esteem, and satisfaction level by creating works of art all by themselves. Each day they will create a delightful expressive art project. Campers will be using watercolors, tempura paint, and finger paints. The elementary campers will explore 2-3D projects. They will also capture ideas with watercolor sketches and paintings. An optional paid art class is also offered so your child can learn art at a higher level.
  • Pottery: Campers will use their imaginations by molding clay and painting ceramics. These projects will help your child develop good touch senses. By shaping and creating projects, a child cultivates creative skills and learns how to coordinate their movements so that what they see will be the same as the shapes they create. We will travel to Color Me Mine to test the kids’ expertise in pottery. 
  • Organizing: We will teach kids how to organize/clean up their rooms, backpacks, closets, backyards, and much more. We will also teach them how to get ready for school in a fast and efficient manner.
  • Chess: This activity is a fun and exciting way to learn about chess. No previous experience is necessary. Each class will consist of time spent learning the basics of chess through a guided teaching period and time spent solving problems using logic. An optional paid chess class is also offered so your child can learn chess at a higher level.
  • Computers: This activity will teach the kids basic Microsoft Word and Excel and will provide the kids with the basic knowledge of how to use a computer. We will practice and learn these skills in the library.
  • Piano: The kids will have an optional paid piano class taught by an experienced teacher nearby the camp.